The life of a close protection officer

The life of a close protection officer

As a bodyguard, you will be constantly in the face of danger and your impulse reaction need to be precise and on time. Features such as patience, abil

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As a bodyguard, you will be constantly in the face of danger and your impulse reaction need to be precise and on time. Features such as patience, ability to maintain calmness even in danger, quick decision making and physical fitness are all necessary in a bodyguard. Contrary to popular belief, aggression is not a desirable aspect as a CPO because one of your biggest roles is to avoid and prevent confrontation at all costs.

For the longest time, only the royal families and celebrities have been enjoying the services of bodyguards, but more and more “common” citizens are engaging CPOs as well. Some of them include senior bank managers, top executives in multinational companies etc.

Some of the roles for a bodyguard include school drop offs and pickups, shopping errands and other daily appointments for family members who may be potential targets for kidnappings. In some cases a bodyguard serves well undercover, but in some occasions, his noticeable presence is ideal.

Different clients require minders with different type of training to cater for their specific needs. All the same, every close protection officer must undergo training for this kind of work and must be licensed by Security Industry Authority (SIA).

The corporate world has provided booming business for the close protection officers industry as organizations branch out to developing market. This will involve setting up offices and having representatives in these countries. Some of these developing markets are in countries or zones that are susceptible to political and civil conflict necessitating the services of bodyguards for the employees. As a bodyguard, you need to be awake to the fact that it only takes a phone call to have you packing and ready to go for the foreseeable future to these areas.

It not always guns and war in the CPO industry. You could find yourself with a high profile clientele who needs to go shopping or clubbing in the city. One of the advantages for this type of clients is their shopping zones or clubbing spots already provide high security and therefore limits your potential threats.

This sector of clients also provide a good ground for women in the industry as some of the roles will definitely require a lady bodyguard, such as a female member of the royal family shopping for make-up or lingerie. Women also get jobs easily due to cultural demands such as Muslim women can only be guarded by female minders.

It’s not a walk in the park

The job involves putting in very long hours for most days. You will be expected to be at your client’s house well ahead before they are ready to leave, and you will stay with them till whatever time they finish their day. This includes those that are going for some drink and dance later in the day! If you are really passionate about working as a bodyguard, this will not pose as a challenge. It however requires proper personal arrangements to allow you get enough sleep, rest, time to eat and exercise.

It is against ethical standards to have a romantic or sexual involvement with a client. Professionalism should be exercised at all times as such incidents would probably cloud your judgment exposing your client to danger.

As earlier mentioned, your work is to prevent the threats from becoming a reality. This involves anticipating potential threats and putting necessary measures to avoid them. In the unfortunate situation where it actually occurs, then you apply every technique possible to keep your client safe, including your own body!