The journey of home security

The journey of home security

In the past a simple control panel and high-tech door locks were seen as a high security measure in most homes. Now, sophisticated devices dominate th

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In the past a simple control panel and high-tech door locks were seen as a high security measure in most homes. Now, sophisticated devices dominate the security arena and they keep evolving and advancing each waking moment.
However, the tech security systems we are enjoying in the present day was an idea that was conceived a long time ago and thanks to the evolving technology, we have been able to move it from a simple idea to an actual reality.

Looking back to the conception of the simple home security idea

The original concept

Crime was at its peak by the end of World War 1. This led to many Americans become apprehensive on security matters and they were determined to get a solution of protection. Insurance companies also started to give enticing rates for those with alarm system. This led to an upsurge in demand for alarm services.

The door shakers approach was common around this time, where night watchmen would go round homes ensuring that your doors are locked. The advanced option in the day was an alarm that was linked to the doors and windows and connected to a control panel and would go off in case of any trigger.

In the present day, you only need an internet enabled gadget and you log in some code and just like that the door is locked.

Evolution of video surveillance

Video surveillance for home security was first used in the 1970s even though it was conceptualized in the 1940s.The initial video was a mechanical camera that viewed outside your home through four peep holes attached on the main entrance. Images were conveyed to a monitor and had a separate control point away from the monitor and camera. Features in this system included an intercom, a switch to lock the doors and an alarm switch for triggering the siren at the central point of monitoring.

The present day video camera is as small as one square inch. It is linked to the internet and has very strong lenses that can film and transmit very clear images that can be remotely accessed from practically anywhere in the world.

Some are so advanced that you can set your system to send alerts to your smartphone as soon as they are triggered.

Hot debate on Fire alarms

The fire alarms evolution system was not left behind with technological evolution. There was a report published in 1962 by Canadian scientists about how critical the heat and smoke sensors are. 342 deaths related to fire incidences in Ontario between 1956-1960 and drew a conclusion that this number of fatalities could have been much lower by 8% if the affected homes had smoke and heat detectors installed. This led to policies being developed and implemented of having these sensors installed in current and upcoming residences. Fatalities in the US reduced by 50% between 1975-1998.

The present day smoke detectors use both photoelectric and ionization technology simultaneously and they can notify you of a potential fire in a different room within the house. A more advanced system links the smoke sensors to the internet and you are in a position to see what is happening and check the battery for the sensors through an internet enabled gadget. Just by waving your hand at it, you can silence a smoke detector and talk to you robotically informing you exactly where the fire is.

The technology is evolving each and every day and one is left to wonder how sophisticated the systems will be in the next century!