The 5 most recommended learning aids for cyber-security learners

The 5 most recommended learning aids for cyber-security learners

InfoSec Institute is a training establishment that has grown over time and has continued to provide outstanding training courses for learners. Their a

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InfoSec Institute is a training establishment that has grown over time and has continued to provide outstanding training courses for learners. Their approach is hands-on, giving students the opportunity to experience a would be situation in real life. InfoSec institute is founded from a technological background and therefore understands the need for current IT experts only too well and as such are the ideal institute to provide excellent courses, some of which are highlighted below.

An outline of IT security and computer forensics

This is an introduction course that addressed security in IT and takes a deeper look into computer forensics. Some of the areas covered from forensics are:

  • Being anonymous on the internet Unit
  • Forensics with DFF
  • Imaging of Forensics Unit
  • Recovering Forensics
  • Forensics with Postmortem
  • Analyzing Networks
  • Anti-Forensics with USB Rubber Ducky
  • Android for Hacking
  • Armitage 101
  • Analyzation of Unstable Memory
  • Analyzing Networks

A short course on Security+

This training is ideal for student s getting ready for CompTIA Security+ assessment. The thorough understanding you have of the various types of questions, the more you are setting yourself up for success. The brief tutorial video is aimed at helping you get ready for the questions that you will be required to respond to that are performance-based. In this video, you will find examples of questions based on performance as well as ways in which you can respond to them.

Canvas Network

Millions of workforce users, Higher Ed and K-12 throughout the world benefit from this training management system that has continued to make tutoring and learning stress-free. This set up is accessible, flexible, consistent built-in technologies that allow learning in any environment. Students just starting off in the cyber-security training can gain a lot from the below training offered by Canvas Network

Cybersecurity summary

In this course, you get to learn more about the ever changing world of cyber-security with an overview of principles and laws of cyber security. The most usual cyber-attacks and the tactics for detecting are some of the things that the students will learn as well as ways of protecting against the risk of being attacked. Other areas that are covered include security for an individual, hardware, network, wireless connections and internet. An additional brief introduction of a more technical lesson on cyber-security is taught.


This is an initiative of Lex code Regulatory Compliance Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (Protected by the Government of India, under Science & Technology Park sponsored by the Department of Science and Technology). These are free online courses that are very brief and are ideal for individuals with busy schedules. In the course, you will find an optional research assignment and the training materials are put together by an expert on the subject. Beginners can select from the two courses highlighted below, offered by LEAP.

Cyber Security 101

Topics covered in this beginner’s course include:

  • Structures for developing key cyber-security networks
  • Safeguarding Local Area Networks that are wireless
  • Encrypting emails
  • Detecting invasion and deterrence strategies

Cyber-security 201

Topics covered in this second course include electronic verification, use of whitelisting, securing Bluetooth connections, media filtering, patch control, safe use of DNS, safety of communication and automatic rights control by use of SSH etc.

These learning materials are available online free of charge and provides a god ground for you to know which areas you need to advance in for more information and technical knowhow.

There are also plenty of more sites online that you can research on to have more training, either at a fee or free of charge.