Purchasing the finest smart home security alarm

Purchasing the finest smart home security alarm

Home security devices have not been left behind with the “all thing smart technology” and the smart home security alarms are being designed such that

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Home security devices have not been left behind with the “all thing smart technology” and the smart home security alarms are being designed such that the basic features of a standard burglar alarm system are being incorporated with features that allow you to monitor, control and communicate with your home via a smart device, either phone or tablet.

What exactly is a smart home security system?

The smart home security system is an internet based device and is a combination of various items in the system such as security cameras that are wireless, sirens, sensor that detect motion and doors and window sensors that are activated when the door or window is opened. Different manufactures have varying items in the security kit and there is the option of purchasing extra well-suited devices independently. With this type of alarm system you can get electronic notifications on your mobile phone, view images and videos recorded by the cameras and in some cases you can operate some of devices in the house from your phone, like turning on the AC, lights etc.

What is the cost of installing a smart home security system?

With as little as £190, you can buy a smart home security kit. This cost is however ideal for someone living in a small house as it only covers a small area. You will spend £500-600 for a smart security system that will be installed in a two bedroom house. the actual and final cost whether for a small or big house will entirely be based on the additional items such as cameras, sensors etc., you buy for your security kit.

What comprises a decent smart security kit?

A system that can prevent a break in is far much a better option. Many intruders get discouraged by the sight of surveillance cameras or loud noise from sirens and will be hesitant to break in. Similarly, a system that can notify you through your mobile phone of a possible intrusion is ideal. Ensure that the system can be supported by the internet connection in your house so that no data is lost in case of poor network connection. Also, an alarm with a power back up is an excellent choice. This is to avoid disruption of filming images within your home. Simple AA batteries would work but some come with a special back up power source.


How easy is it to link up your smartphone to your smart alarm home kit? Apple and Android support most systems but there are challenges with Windows. Ensure that your smart system can work together with all the other gadgets by different manufacturers. “Some companies will use systems that have copyrights while others will use open systems. An open system is ideal since you can use devices made by different companies.” explains 24 Hour Locksmith Pros.

How much more safer is your home with a smart home security system?

Even with a smart home alarm, your home may not be 100% free of possible theft. However, this should not keep you from improving your security and this you can do by having additional sensors and detectors installed at every entry point in your home like doors and windows. It is better to be safe than sorry and these measures will keep away potential intruders.


Most of the smart home security kits have manual guide for a quick DIY fix. However, it is advisable to have a professional do the installation for you so that they can address not just the mounting bit but the technical bit as well.