Keeping Your Business Data Secure With Secure Cloud Server Security

Keeping Your Business Data Secure With Secure Cloud Server Security

"More and more business are migrating over to utilising the cloud hosting model for the security benefits that it offers and for streamlining function

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“More and more business are migrating over to utilising the cloud hosting model for the security benefits that it offers and for streamlining functionality in day to day business operations. It is important and beneficial to have an all-in-one information security managment system in the cloud.” explains  This new model has many significant benefits over other business hosting systems so let’s take look into some of those.

Companies should be migrating to the cloud model for business hosting for a host of reasons ranging from the 24-7 remote access for staff to interact with not just when away from the offer but even when in other countries to a permanent security wall around your data, anti-hacking measures, compartmentalization, and enhanced anti-spamming protection.  This is further advanced with the fact that the data can be accessed on all connected devices such as mobile phones, iPads, and laptops even in some cases modern smart watches.

The remote access is easy to comprehend so let’s look at the security aspects of running a cloud-based server for your business.  To start with there is a great human aspect as there are operating teams of security professionals to man the mainframe servers constantly which results in data integrity all of the time.

Data security is what is required to keep your business information safe so here are 5 points of security you should be looking for when choosing a secure business cloud host:

Effective protection of Distributed denial of service attacks (DDos) attacks

These attacks are rising due to the ever-increasing computing power and the complexity of the automated systems that operate them such as bot networks (Botnets).  Cloud computing makes sure your data is protected from such attacks both manually from security teams working for the server company and automatically with security systems installed on the server.  Drivers are constantly updated and all systems are kept in prime’s condition to fight these attacks.

“The cloud computing security solutions focus on preventative measures to firewall the huge amounts of traffic aimed at a company’s cloud servers by the attackers using the DDoS method.  The monitoring, absorbing, defending and dispersing DDoS attacks are imperative to minimize these risks.” – Hosting Security Expert Brendan Wilde from Umbrella a Cloud Company

Data protection

Breaches are always on the increase as the level of interfacing systems grow so as a result of this security protocols have to grow at the same pace to keep up with the latest threats in defending your data.  The worst situation is for a rival company or hackers getting hold of your data and using the information against you so as such this is one of the main areas of focus for any cloud service operator.  Hacking into your information or indeed tampering with the data being transmitted needs to be taken care of with high levels of security protocols.

Regulatory compliance

Industries that are monitored by regulatory bodies always rely on top cloud security companies to use their high level and enhanced security systems to protect their highly sensitive data and make them compliant with the needed regulation data security points.

Support and structure

The best cloud computing servers always offer 24-hour support which includes full monitoring 365 days a year.  The operation of the server is paramount to the online functions of your company’s web site, traffic, orders, communications and service required.

The flexibility of the cloud allows the user to scale up or down with the demand of traffic as and when there is a need to adjust to the demand and volume with ease but more than this it is all automatic.  Systems need to be fully automated and just “work” when and as needed without issues.  If the system runs properly the less cost the company will incur.

Also very important is that redundancies are in build into the systems to ensure your company’s website and applications are always online.


All of the top-level cloud server companies will provide these security aspects and more in most as they need to compete and establish their own ground in an ever-increasing global marketplace and business data security is paramount.  Advanced cyber security systems work together with the associated hardware systems supporting your company, constantly.  Your company should be looking for all of the systems from your provider and choose the company that offers all of these attributes thus providing a fully comprehensive and secure solution.