How are employees concerned with business security threats?

How are employees concerned with business security threats?

Questions are being raised regarding the measures organizations are putting in place to prevent loss of business assets and information as is being re

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Questions are being raised regarding the measures organizations are putting in place to prevent loss of business assets and information as is being reported in newspapers and social media every day. The online community is also facing serious threats from cybercriminals who have come up with new ways of compromising cyber security.

This should be a wakeup call for organizations to improve the means by which valuable assets and critical information is secured.

Most company security breaches are due to lack of proper training and understanding of commercial security by employees and top management. Before taking any preventive measures, business owners need to know how the cybercriminals are accessing their systems in the first place. Intel finding recently reported that a large per cent of information loss in many UK based companies was through employees. This is seen as the weakest point of entry for possible commercial cyberattacks.

Phishing scams are one way cybercriminals are using to access vital information from your company. They will send you emails purporting to be genuine service providers in need of certain information send text messages or even call your office. As soon as they have gained access to your company network, they are liberty to take and use whatever available information within your system. Phishing is preferred by hackers since the process is quite fast. It takes less than two minutes to trap an ordinary employee.

Regardless of the means through which your computer network was hacked, a phishing scam, a mistake by your employee or a planned betrayal, large and medium size organization should consider training their staff on commercial security. The members of staff will learn more on threats and possible company losses associated to cybercrimes. They will also be enlightened on phishing emails and their effects on the company’s cyber network. When a staff member is being targeted by hackers, they should inform the IT team immediately so that they can reinforce the security measures. Only a trained employee will understand the risk that security breach poses to the business.

The phishing scams have been advanced so much that even a computer expert may not be able to easily detect it. Educating and training your staff is one way of handling this threat. The other option is to put in control measures within your network so that you can monitor movement of business information. Once you have control over this, then you are in a position to prevent loss of crucial information from your company.

The digital revolution is seeing more and more employees choosing to work in a different location other than the office. This means that information will have to be sent back and forth, and in some cases the employees will need to access certain files in the company network. An organization needs to be very careful on who can access the system and also put measures in place to monitor activities even with the authorized administrators. You can also consider turning off access to cyber networks when an employee is not within the premises.

Access verification should be done on multi-level option so that it is easy to view cloud storage systems on a step by step basis and detect any potential phishing cracks and take necessary action to prevent a full blown attack.