Going on Holiday? Secure your home

Going on Holiday? Secure your home

Leaving your house with complete inactivity exposes it to possible break-ins when you go away on holiday. Leave your lawns and hedges well-trimmed

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Leaving your house with complete inactivity exposes it to possible break-ins when you go away on holiday.

Leave your lawns and hedges well-trimmed and if you are going for a longer period, you can get someone to periodically work on the exterior of your home.

Motion sensors are an ideal option for ensuring security for your house when you are not in. a great way of using this sensors is linking them with indoor and outdoor lights such that if there is movement within a certain radius, then the lights go on. However, it is not advisable to leave your lights n round the clock as this is a complete give away.

Depending on the relationship you have with your neighbours, you can request your neighbor to park their car in your drive way and more so if you are away during winter. This is because when snow falls in the night and covers your entire drive way, then an intruder will know there’s no one around.

Similarly during winter, you can make arrangement to have someone shovel and clear your driveway and the exterior of your home. You can request your neighbor, a relative or hire someone to do it.

Not everyone is taking a vacation the same time as you. Your trusted friend, neighbor or relative can stop by your house every so often. While there, they can collect your mail, open curtains and windows just to make it look like someone is actually at home. There are some instances where the police provide “vacation checks” and you can take advantage of this service.

There is the option of installing a security system in your house. You can choose an alarm security system that has the monitoring feature so that you are able to access images recorded through your mobile phone.

Make sure everything is locked. Some people do not routinely lock doors when they are around and may therefore forget to do so when they are leaving for a holiday. Before getting into your car, confirm that the front door, back door, garage door and all windows are properly locked. An additional measure is to ensure that your doors and windows are not a soft target for break-ins. A burglar proof door will deter and potential intruder since it will require more time and energy to break.

Safely keep away your valuables. It can be very tempting even for petty thieves to break in when they see a very expensive jewelry lying on your bed or table. Your laptop on the kitchen counter could also encourage a robber to break in. To avoid all these temptations, ensure that all your valuables are not visible through the window. A safe deposit box is also another excellent choice to store your valuables.

In most cases, the spare key is kept under the mat at the front door, under a rock in the garden or in a flower pot in the front porch. While taking a vacation that will be more than two days, these are all not safe places to leave your spare key. Your best bet is to leave it with the person or people who will be doing the periodic visits while you are away.

Engaging a house sitter is also another option for ensuring your home is protected while you’re on vacation. This however only works if the particular house sitter is honest and can be trusted. Have the sitters referred by friends or relatives and begin interviewing them early enough so that you are thorough with the search.