Getting clients as a bodyguard

Getting clients as a bodyguard

This industry has become quite competitive and getting jobs is not as easy one may imagine. The high demand for bodyguards that was there in the recen

The job description of a close protection executive
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The life of a close protection officer

This industry has become quite competitive and getting jobs is not as easy one may imagine. The high demand for bodyguards that was there in the recent years has decreased and there is a notion that the industry is generally diminishing. The reduced numbers of business agreements, reduced pay are just examples of this being true.

All the same, all is not lost. There are reputable multimillion companies worldwide that still require close protection services.

Do you have basic prerequisites?

As a close protection officer, you must meet some basic requirements such as be 18 years of age as well as have relevant training as a CP from a reputable institute. You must also pass the set exams for this training. You also should be licensed by the Security Industry Authority (SIA). Your criminal record should be clear of any current or pending convictions. First aid training is also another training requirement. If your job involves going to high risk zones, at least 5 years’ experience in the military is mandatory.

Selecting a trainer for your close protection course

The over 70 trainers of close protection make is difficult for one to select the right one. To make your selection process easier, do some background checks on these trainers. Some of the things you may want to know include the trainers network in the field. A trainer with a strong proven network is ideal and they have the right people in their circle. The skills taught by the trainer are also crucial. It should be aligned to your area of focus. Also, a trainer covering the business aspect of the industry would make a good choice. Close protection is not a regular 9-5 job. As such, you need to choose a trainer who will expose you to the 24/7 work day of a CP in their training.

Individuals who have left the military and wish to become close protection executives can benefit from the Enhanced Learning Credits Schemes (ELCAS), which will pay for their training. However other financial requirements such as travel cost, food and accommodation are not catered for by this body.

Where will you find clients in need of close protection services?

Do not limit yourself to your home town. Prepare yourself psychologically to work abroad. This will not only provide you with great cultural and travel experience, but will ensure that the jobs you are signing up for extend for a reasonable duration thereby giving you steady work experience as well as a steady income.

Finding work

There are people of all walks of life in need of close protection services. But they will not come around announcing or looking for you. That is why networking is important. Also, submitting your professionally presented resume and cover letters to potential clients is a good place to start.

In addition, when you get a client, deliver your duties exceptionally and professionally. Create a reputation of reliability, being trustworthy and ethical. This will not only leave your client satisfied but you can be assured of a repeat job or even referral in their high profile circles.