Ensuring your security as a tenant

Ensuring your security as a tenant

Being a tenant can pose some disadvantages in that you are counting on your landlord to install security measures in the house you are considering mov

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Being a tenant can pose some disadvantages in that you are counting on your landlord to install security measures in the house you are considering moving into. Luckily, there are options that you can consider as a tenant to increase your security.

Ensure you are familiar with your neighborhood

It maybe a little too late if you have already relocated into your new location, but for any future relocations, farmiliarise yourself with the place you are looking into moving. One way of vetting the new community you will be living in is conducting a research on the safety status of the area, how does the law-breaking indicator look like. In some towns the local police department will give you reliable information on the safety and security of your new neighborhood.

If the new neighborhood is within your access for a pre visit, it is recommended that you stop by and walk around the area. While on your tour, look out for indicators like well-kept lawns, walls covered with unkind writings and drawings that are not fine art, are indicators that the community may not be security conscious. Talk to your immediate neighbors, stewards at the local restaurant to get a general perspective of security in the area. Have a chat with your landlord as well regarding the security of the area.

Ensure that your landlord is accessible on phone for any urgent security issue. Also, what is your gut telling you. The sixth sense is usually a reliable way of assessing a situation. While at it, also make an obersavtion of the traffic at different times of the day and also see how the area is after dark.

Secure all entry points to your house. If there are no deadbolt locks and your landlord is not willing to put up one, please check with him if you can install one for yourself. You can use alarms on your windows such as the Doberman alarm which goes off from heavy banging. Also, make sure that there are no tall and bushy plants along the path leading to your door and around the windows.

Install an alarm system suitable for apartments

With the wireless security systems readily available in the market, it is possible to get an alarm system specifically for your apartment. Some alarm companies even have simple devices that are designed for tenants that you can install and take with you when you move. Examples of these reliable options are Doberman alarm for the windows or the door stop alarms.

Take up tenants insurance

Some insurance companies calculate premium rates depending on how safe the area is and charge higher premiums for a high risk area and less premiums for a safer zone. Ask your insurance provider for an estimate of insurance for your car based on the area you are moving to as this will help you know the safety level of the area.

Consider signing up for tenants insurance. Most of these plans cover break-ins, damage caused by water,fire etc. some plans cater for liabilities for casualties by visitors in your house. included in the cover plan is vandalism in your car, provided it is parked in your premises. This is not a security measure per se, but you are assured that your assets and belongings are covered.