Definition of Commercial Security

Definition of Commercial Security

Commercial Security can be defined as the approach and structures used by a business or commercial property to guard itself against risks such as intr

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Commercial Security can be defined as the approach and structures used by a business or commercial property to guard itself against risks such as intrusion, fire or vandalism. High-tech locks, burglar proof frames for windows and doors, security guards, computer security software, video surveillance and alarm systems are some of the popular methods of security.

Protecting all entry points such as windows and doors by adding burglar proof iron frames around them is possibly the simplest and cheapest tactic of keeping off thieves from entering your business property. You can have locks fixed on storage spaces such as drawers & desks, windows & doors, automobiles so that valuable assets are not exposed to potential thieves.

These locks can function independently or in combination with iron rods that function with either a key, a deadbolt that uses a combination code or a remotely controlled electric lock.

Alarm systems are also a very popular method of securing your commercial property. You can opt for either basic doors and windows alarm system or a more comprehensive one that is electronic and can be accessed from a remote location. The main purpose of the alarm is to alert the business owner or law enforcement agents of an intrusion or other emergencies by having the siren component of the system go off upon being activated by an incident.

With the latest advancements in technology, cybercrimes has been on the rise and more and more businesses are at risk of this types of crime and it is for this reason that commercial security software are being developed to try and combat this menace. Cybercrimes can be described as stealing of data and information from computers and servers for malicious use.

The software for computer security include protection from viruses that are spread through the internet, firewalls , encrypting emails so that the cyber thieves are not able to access any data sent through the net. What transpires in the servers 24/7 is also monitored through computer security systems.

Video surveillance system is also another method of ensuring your business property is protected. One of the biggest advantages for this method of security is that all activities within your commercial property will be filmed and stored and you can always view the images at a later time. The recorded images can also be used as evidence in court in case of an already committed crime. It also reduces in house theft and fraudulent activities by employees once they know that they will be caught live on camera committing an offence.

Online security guards are another option for some business to ensure that their assets, members of staff and their clients are well protected. You can choose to have independent guards work for you or have a commercial security agency provide you with theirs. These guards, either independent or from the commercial agency work on a 24/7 rotational shifts and based on how much protection your business requires, you can have either armed guards or unarmed guards.