Buying the ideal security system. Consider these 10 points

Buying the ideal security system. Consider these 10 points

Installing a security system in your home or business in no longer just fixing cameras. You need to select the most suitable system for your specific

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Selecting the ideal camera surveillance for your commercial property

Installing a security system in your home or business in no longer just fixing cameras. You need to select the most suitable system for your specific needs since there are constant advancements in technology and software.

Concealing or exposing the cameras?

You can choose to have the cameras discreetly fixed or visible to the public depending on where and what you want to monitor. The detectable option such as the box cameras works best as a deterrent for possible crime. For the discreet option, you can select either the dome camera which is so small and can be hand held or the Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) that is capable of filming a large area and can rotate.

Indoors or outdoors purpose?

The cameras currently in the market can serve both purposes, but it is advisable to address aspects such as mounting and casing. Also, consider different extreme weather and choose an option that can stand such drastic temperature changes. Other features to address are if the camera can stand other harsh environments such as vibration, smoke, grease etc.

What is the image resolution like?

Most people assume that cameras with a high resolution are ideal throughout. This is not the case. You will monitor better with a low resolution camera in a small office space, while cameras with a high resolution will work best in your large retail store. Assess all spaces independently to know which camera works best for each.

How is the lighting in your area?

Several factors come to play in the lighting aspect for the cameras. Sunlight, season change, reflections, strobe lighting in discos, glares from backlighting etc. The good thing is today’s technology allows the cameras to adjust and capture useful images even with the fluctuating lighting options.

Do you require audio?

It is possible to incorporate an audio system in your surveillance camera It can also be set in a way that it sends alerts once audio hits a certain limit.

Can you expand your system?

You need to consider a surveillance system that allows you to expand it in future as your business grows. Most CCTV are closed circuit and therefore difficult to expand. Most modern IP have this allowance since they are wireless and have the technology to support an expansion.

What sections of your premises stand to gain more from surveillance?

The nature of business you are engaged in will determine what sections will benefit more from surveillance. You are looking at monitoring potential crime such as shoplifting, poor customer service, as well as identifying the type of clients walking into your premises and this enables you to know your target market.

What issues do you want to address with surveillance?

Virtual Memory System (VMS) can help you detect any mistrustful activity from your employees or customers and this will help you tie any loose ends and increase your business operations. You get useful information that you can act on from the inbuilt motion sensors such as how many potential clients walked in compared to how much was sold the same day. You can also plan for sales and promotions based on when traffic in your shop is heavy.

Choosing an ideal Video Management System

The use and purpose for the VMS should be considered before installation. This will help in creating a video management system suitable for your specific needs. For instance, if you have multiple sites that need surveillance, a system that is accessible from remote location is the better option for you.