Bug sweeps 101

Bug sweeps 101

A private investigator conducts the work of inquiring on behalf of an individual or a company for legal purposes. In most cases, PIs as they are commo

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A private investigator conducts the work of inquiring on behalf of an individual or a company for legal purposes. In most cases, PIs as they are commonly abbreviated work with lawyers.

The first ever private investigator firm was in 1833 founded by Eugene Francios Vidocq who was a French soldier. This saw the birth of private investigator industry, despite the many challenges it faced from regular police back in the day.

Getting jobs

Defense lawyers with civil or criminal cases will often use the services of a private detective to conduct further investigation for the case. Insurance companies are also huge employers of Private investigators in cases of verifying insurance claims.

A private detective will also find work from suspicious marriage partners. This is a booming market for the detectives as couples try to find all necessary evidence and proof of unfaithfulness from their partner or any other unacceptable behavior so that they can have good grounds to fight for custody of their children, marital assets and financial support upon successful divorce.

Investors will also indulge a private investigator to do a background check on a company they have interests in. This protects that business person from being conned.

Duties and tasks

Other than the common role of probing and investigation, private detectives and investigators have other responsibilities up their sleeves. This include process serving, physically taking thesummon to the recipient and other legal paper work required or used during a court case proceeding.

Private investigators come in handy in debt collection. There are actually PIs who have decided to focus on this area of operation.

There are a few private detective firms that focus on counter-surveillance measures, which is basically inspecting a room or a set area for any electronic listening devices. Most of the detectives in this area of focus mostly have a background in intelligence, close protection services and ex-military officers whose work in service included dealing with bugs and other listening gadgets and equipment to fight organized crime, drug and human trafficking and terrorism.

Another group of investigators will focus on corporate duties which include loss evasion, fighting corruption, probing staff delinquency, ensuring the safety and security of trade secrets and intellectual property, protection and investigation of cybercrime, probing copyrights encroachment and due diligence.

All in all, a private investigator may be required to act as a witness in a court of law by sharing the report findings of this investigation.

Undercover detective

In this scenario, the investigator is disguised as a completely different person, other than himself. He can pose as an interested gang member so that he can have access to information on illegal activities being carried out by a certain rebellious group of criminals.

In most cases, the undercover investigator will have a covert camera to document and record the activities, location of the gang.

How long a detective can be undercover entirely depends on the duration of the investigation. This is a dangerous job and the real identity of the investigator should never be revealed for their own safety. Also, the fact that they have bugs and listening equipment on them should be kept as top secret.


A PI must be licensed to carry out his work. In some cases, a PI can carry a gun or may not. They can only perform their duties to the point of citizens arrest, but cannot act as a police authority. They should document every detail of their investigation and be available to testify in a court of law.

A private detective should operate within the law, otherwise they risk being convicted.